What are Splurgeez?
You’re at the beach, you’re hiking, cycling, boating, or just having one of those ‘on the go’ days.
The patented* Splurgeez is your no fuss answer to keeping sun safe.

We all know sunscreen wears off during the day, and the hot sun is damaging. Our handy wrist applicator, keeps your sunscreen on hand all day long.

Compact, mobile and so easy to use. Even waterproof. This refillable sunscreen application means ‘on the go’ sun protection.

*Australian Patent Application No. 2018206726
Refillable and easy to apply
Re-use again and again and again, filling with your favourite sunscreen before you head out.

Now, enjoy sunscreen ‘on hand’ all day long. Just a quick squeeze of the applicator to re-apply – one hand is all you need! And keep moving!
Rockclimbing, swimming, running… You need a Splurgeez!
Splurgeez allows you to stay safe all day & have the option to apply sunscreen as needed.

Our handy wrist applicator holds just enough sunscreen to keep you going.
It can even be worn in water. You don’t have to stop the activity you are doing, just a quick squeeze and then you can be on your way again.

Sunscreen can very quickly wear off in water and with physical activity.
Wearing a Splurgeez means you have sunscreen on hand throughout the day and can stay safe in the sun.