Splurgeez are for Everyone !
A smart Aussie Innovation !

What are Splurgeez ?

Splurgeez are ideal for the Beach

Splurgeez help solve a lifelong problem we have as parents, amateur athletes and lovers of the outdoors.

We wanted to make sunscreen easily available, when we really needed it.

We hope Splurgeez will facilitate a behavioral change in sunscreen consumption in a positive and a fun way to prevent sun damage worldwide.

Splurgeez are waterproof

Splurgeez SUP

Splurgeez is a great product for athletes in and out of the water, who are on the move and don’t have time to stop and find a sunscreen bottle.

Splurgeez holds 12mls of your own favorite sunscreen and is simple and quick to refill.

Sunscreen can very quickly wear off in water and with physical activity. Wearing a Splurgeez means you have sunscreen on hand throughout the day and can stay safe in the sun.

How Splurgeez were invented

beach apply

We are a young Australian family with a love of the beach and an outdoor, active lifestyle.

We are conscious of the harsh reality of sun exposure and the need to be sun smart, yet we also know first-hand the trials and tribulations of trying to get active little people to stop during the day to re-apply sunscreen.

Splurgeez was borne out of our need, and we are confident a need also felt by so many other Australians, for a product that makes re-applying sunscreen a quicker, easier and less drama-filled process.


Accessibility - Skincare anywhere

Fill Splurgeez2

Splurgeez is always in sight and within reach - it enables us to apply and reapply sunscreen with a simple, one handed motion.

The best thing is it's reuseable and refillable with 12mls of your favorite sunscreen.

Education & Positive Habit Forming

Splurgeez helps to implement a positive habit with sun care.
Children will learn how to be independent and responsible for their health, now and in the future.

It is the way we as parents can provide our kids with lifelong positive habits and a better chance to avoid short and long-term sun damage.